6th International Conference on B Cells and Autoimmunity August 16-18, 2016 Nantou, Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

Welcome to the 6th International Conference on B Cells and Autoimmunity!
We are putting together a world-class scientific conference that will highlight cutting-edge topics in basic and translational aspects of B-lymphocytes and autoimmunity.

This event is intended as an international forum for scientists, clinicians, and researchers to exchange research findings. In addition to poster presentations, there will be opportunities for selected oral personations for delegates. We hope that in presence of speakers, experts and mentors of this field, you will have a worthwhile experience.

We look forward to seeing you in Sun Moon Lake, a charming part of Taiwan.

Chairman Tsai Intro
Dear distinguished immunologists and attendees,

On behalf of the Board and Members of China Medical University & Healthcare System, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all the participants attending the 6th B cells and Autoimmunity Conference and the International Advanced Immunology School (IAIS) held in August 13-18 at Sun Moon Lake, and China Medical University, Taiwan.

The conference provides an occasion for experts and scholars of B cells and autoimmunity from all over the world to convene and share novel ideas on crucial issues and trends in autoimmune research. It is indeed a great honor to invite renowned speakers and delegates to share their experience and wisdom. With your participation, I believe the conference will be successful and enjoyable.

As we aware, patients suffering from autoimmune diseases are growing rapidly these years. But the causes remain unknown. It is essential for us trying to unlock the mystery by any mean. I highly appreciate the marvelous efforts of the organizing committee members. They have put together an outstanding program which includes the latest findings of B cell researches. In addition, the 6th B cells and Autoimmunity Conference and the IAIS training course jointly organize the conference will greatly benefit the students, young researchers and scientists, and create a platform for diagnostics and research sharing.

Taichung and Nantou are very beautiful and worthwhile visiting cities. Sun Moon Lake is renowned for its peaceful and glittering scenes. After the conference, please take a walk around the lake and immerse yourself into the nature. It is definitely a memorable experience for you. May you have a wonderful time in Taiwan.

Chang-Hai Tsai, MD., PhD
Chairman of the Board,
China Medical University & Healthcare System, Taichung, Taiwan

Conference Agenda
13 14 16 17 18 19

Invited Speakers
Alexander G. Gabibov Russia
Ban-Hock Toh Australia
Betty Diamond USA
Chandra Mohan USA
Falk Hiepe Germany
Harry W. Schroeder USA
Hartmut Wekerle Germany
Kuo-I Lin Taiwan
Laurence Morel USA
Miguel A Sanjuan USA
Ming-Chu Chang Taiwan
Moncef Zouali France
Nancy Monson USA
Shiv Pillai USA
Xuan Zhang China
Ziaur Rahman USA